Dezigno offers a wide range of design services including:

  • Web Design / Development
  • Photography
  • Identity / Logos
  • Multimedia / Video Editing
  • Brochures
  • Apps, Art & Other

Please take a look through our portfolio.

Web Design / Development

Our web design portfolio highlights some of our designers work in a range of categories. Since each of our clients are unique, you will see many diverse web design styles as you browse through our website portfolio. It is always our intention to execute the client’s ideas first and offer our proposals as we go.



There are many stock agencies that provide images. At Dezigno, we fill a niche by providing more abstract elements like symbols, landscapes and surfaces to create inventive print, websites and multimedia.


Identity / Logos

Logos are at the heart of every business’ identity and branding. It is the seal of excellence that represents the entire company.


Multimedia / Video Editing

YouTube videos and animated product walkthroughs build a dynamic introduction for your promotional requirements. Our specialised video editing team uses Adobe Premier, Adobe After effects and Adobe Flash to create high quality videos for your blogs, websites and mobile devices.



We generate stunning and visually appealing corporate, product and service brochures that will noticeably enhance your sales process and assist in increasing your bottom-line. Our design services suit your corporate image and target audience. A brochure design will enable your company to increase its exposure by making your goods viewable to a virtually unlimited audience.


Apps, Art & Other

Some random work - Facebook, app design, sketches and paintings...